Michael Atchman

Montreal , QC
Quebec CA
Lives in
London ,

Actor, playwright, videomaker. Harvard- and Ryerson-trained Achtman has collaborated with writer R.M Vaughan on almost ten short videos since 1998, mostly experimental narratives with a hard queer-political thrust. Their powerful MASH Notes for Private Kyle Brown (1997, 11), directed by Achtman and based on Vaughan’s poem, takes off from the 1993 “Somalia affair” in which a civilian prisoner was tortured by Canadian soldiers. An interracial lineup of angry voices and faces piece together a culture of homophobia and racism. The duo’s more subdued Shinto (2000, 11) focuses on a gay relationship, and a soundtrack lovers’ quarrel belies deeper dynamics of aggression. Working solo, Achtman’s Flesh of my Flesh (2001, 11) queerly updates the Cain and Abel story. Achtman also starred in John Greyson’s Un©ut (1997).