Lorna Boschman

Carrot River , SK
Saskatchewan CA
Lives in
Vancouver , BC
British Columbia CA

Video maker, editor, camera operator, curator. Since 1986, prizewinning video artist Boschman, trained at Video In and ECIAD, has been one of the most visible, influential and prolific presences on the West Coast lesbian feminist arts scene. Her work showed the primary influence of feminist documentary, as in her searing investigation of women who “slash” in Scars (1987, 12). At the same time, she developed her skills in fantasy (the five-minute Butch/Femme in Paradise, 1988, follows a sullen butch chasing an elusive femme sprite along the scenic B.C. coast, one of the most popular shorts on the international queer community circuit of the 1990s) and in wacky comedy (Dr. Lorna’s Seven Day Poodle Diet, 1998). Boschman’s work on lesbian eroticism in collaboration with the collective “Kiss and Tell” (True Inversions and Drawing the Line, both 1992) impacted favorably on the continent-wide debates in the early nineties about sexual representation and censorship, both in the feminist community and the mainstream. Not shy of probing the traumas of the body alongside its pleasures, Boschman artistically investigated a wide range of body issues beyond sexual identity in the narrow sense, from cancer and abuse to disability and fat. The personal documentaries on the politics of fat (Big Fat Slenderella, 1993 and Fat World, 1994, in addition to Poodle Diet), demonstrated Boschman’s excellence as editor as well as camerawoman with their interludes and backdrops of graceful choreography by round marine mammals. A community activist, Boschman has collaborated with many artists on the Vancouver queer scene, from Shani Mootoo to Paul Lang.