Jennifer Leigh Fisher

Born in
Nova Scotia CA
Lives in
Montreal , QC
Quebec CA

Filmmaker, video maker, cultural worker. Born in Nova Scotia, Jen Leigh Fisher worked on both Canadian coasts before settling in Montreal to do a MFA in visual arts at UQAM. Her work, which explores robotic agency and cinema as a sensorial phenomena, is praised and shown nationally and internationally. Using small gauge formats, she explores how we might trouble fixed clichés of vision, speech and touch with cinematic presence. Exploring the limits of perceptions, her series of three narrative fragments The Accidental (2008, 5), New Atlantis (2008, 4) and Sparklene (2007, 3) also deal with queer desires and rituals, disorienting the spectator from heteronormative narratives and questioning the artificial nature of normativity. In 2013, she was hired as artistic coordinator at the feminist artist-run gallery La Centrale.