Demetri Estdelacropolis

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Director, scriptwriter. Concordia-trained Montrealer Estdelacropolis (pseud. Demetrios Estathopoulos) was the toast and scandal of the Berlin festival in 1985 with his queerish Pink Flamingos redux Mother’s Meat Freud’s Flesh (97), which was in fact the only Canadian feature there that year. In a fit of “positive image” outrage at TBP (108, Nov. 1984), I was not amused by the heterosexual filmmaker’s coming of age tale of a mostly nude heterosexual filmmaker/gay porn star:

... Assimilated partly from old fashioned camp à la Warhol, and absorbing much of its violence and stridency from punk, the sensibility is more often than not characterized by both gay elements and virulent misogyny—so often in fact that the two seem to go hand in hand. They do not....

But The Globe’s Jay Scott praised the film’s “hilarious vignettes” and “quirkily laconic dialogue (20 August 1984).” Estdelacropolis’s substance troubles, widely broadcast in the media, delayed for fourteen years the completion of his second feature Shirley Pimple (1999), which sank like a lead balloon. Thereafter Estdelacropolis put down roots and project development feelers in Rotterdam.