Deirdre Logue

United States
Ohio US
Lives in
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

Filmmaker, curator, arts administrator, performer. Trained at NSCAD, Banff and Kent State (Ohio), Toronto-based experimentalist Logue is best known to queer film audiences for a series of nineteen DIY primal monodramas she performed and directed under the title Enlightened Nonsense (1997-2000, 22). The series explores gender ambiguity as well as the maso physicality of assailing one's own body with basketballs, whipped cream, gaffer tape, and gravity. Logue ran Toronto's indie Images festival (1995-1999), and moved on to head CFMDC, both essential enablers of queer cinema/video. Logue played the butch metalworker in Moores and Travassos's Dog Days (1999) and is the development coordinator of Vtape since 2006. Her work was featured in the MIX NYC festival (2014), and in March 2015 Logue are rejoined Mitchell for a month-long residency at the Art Gallery of Ontario.