Éric Rancourt

Video maker
Lives in
Montreal , QC
Quebec CA

Video maker. Québécois Rancourt confirmed himself as a strong, original presence on the Montreal and international queer video scene with L’Homme gruau/Oatmale (2001, 50), a devastatingly deadpan, semi-autobiographical narrative about a depressed, jilted and horny guy on the dole (unabashedly performed by Rancourt himself). Trained at Vancouver’s ECIAD, Rancourt produced his first two tapes in Lotusland and not surprisingly they probed a precariously transplanted identity within the sexual networks of theWest End ghetto: Bed Space (1995) figured a cramped relationship as a too-narrow apartment bed, and French Canadian Horse-Cocked Pornstar (1996) initiated the pattern of Rancourt literally embodying his own narratives of sexual alienation.